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  • 28th July 2016 at 8:54 am #14572

    Hi admin

    we are new to Muster, please help us to resolve and go with our production. I am sending the exit code log below

    [MUSTER]Spawning process C:Program FilesAutodeskMaya2015binmayabatch.exe inside C:Program FilesAutodeskMaya2015bin using the following command line flags:
    [MUSTER]-r vray -threads 1 -proj “V:MusterTest” -rd “V:RENDER_OUTMuster” -s 29.000 -e 30.000 -b 1.000 “V:SCENE_FILESTest_Muster.mb”

    -v prints the product version and cut number
    -batch for batch mode
    -prompt for interactive non-gui mode
    -proj [dir] look for files in the specified project dir
    -command [mel command] runs the specified command on startup
    -file [file] opens the specified file
    -script [file] sources the specified file on startup
    -log [file] copies stdout and stderr messages to the specified file
    -hideConsole hide Console Window
    (use complete file name)
    -recover recover the last journal file
    (use ‘Render -help’ for more options)
    -optimizeRender [file] [outfile]
    optimize maya file efficient for rendering
    purposes, and put result in outfile
    (use ‘maya -optimizeRender -help’ for more options)
    -archive [file] displays a list of files required to archive the specified scene
    -noAutoloadPlugins do not auto-load any plug-ins.
    -3 enable Python 3000 compatibility warnings
    -help prints this message

    [MUSTER]Process terminated with exit code: 1

    please help to resolve it.

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