Muster 9.0.5 released – 28th Aug 2018
Muster 8.6.20 released too

We just released version 9.0.5 with new features and a critical bug fix on Windows (version 8.6.20 released too)

We just released 9.0.5 that includes new features and address a critical bug on the Windows platform. Due to the bug nature, we also released a 8.6.20 version for users still running version 8. The bug affects the way process outputs are collected and may lead a client to an unresponsiveness state until a render is completed. The bug is very rare and may produce keep alive disconnections from the Dispatcher and/or from the client. If you’re experiencing unwanted disconnection due to keep alive, the update is mandatory.

9.0.5 also introduces some nice new features for realtime statistics for either the render nodes and the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher statistics window has been enhanced to include cpu usage, memory usage, network cards usage and disks usage. The same informations are now available to the nodes using the “Realtime statistics” option in the nodes popup menu. Also depending on the configuration on the Dispatcher, statistics can be store side-by-side with chunks allowing the browsing of nodes usages on a chunks basis. Also, depending on the Dispatcher configuration, statistics can be stored in the history chunks.

To learn more check the release notes following the link below:




Muster 9.0.4 released – 29th May 2018

We just released version 9.0.4 with 2 critical bugs fixes

We just released 9.0.4 that fixes 2 important bugs present in 9.0.3.

9.0.3 introduced some code changes in the web server handling and this caused a bug in the queue submission system. It was not possible to submit a job through the WEB REST API and through the web interface. 9.0.4 address this and also no longer applies the substitution path engine on the custom environment field of the jobs submitted through Console. This made impossible to keep values with a forward slash on the Windows environment.

To learn more check the release notes following the link below:



mongodb logo

Muster 9.0.3 released – 15th May 2018

We just released version 9.0.3 with some new features and bugs fixes

The latest version of Muster 9 has just been released. As announced before, we introduced the support to the MongoDB database. Also, to help users migrate between databases, it’s now possible to export your queue or your settings (pools, users and repositories) to pure JSON files. Those files can be re-imported into a different DB technology making the migration and also an universal data backup possible.

We also introduced a new graphs plotting library that is part of the new reporting system we are working on.

Muster statistics

We also made some minor stability fixes and add templates icons to the submission view and the queue view. For further information read the release notes on our wiki!




Muster 9.0.2 released – 6th April 2018

We just released version 9.0.2 with some new features and bugs fixes

The latest version of Muster 9 has just been released. While we prepared the code base to host the support to the announced MongoDB support, this is an intermediate bugs and improvements release. We fixed several behaviours on various components but the most important thing is that Muster 9.0.2 is now able to upgrade and normalise a Muster 8 database. You can now update to the latest version retaining your queue files and the settings for users, pools and repositories. We also included some improvements in the sequences viewer. You can now fix the 1:1 and FIT settings as default, and you can also mark frames and chunks using the CTRL, SHIFT and ALT keys while dragging the timeline. We suggest you to check the release notes for a full list of  improvements and fixes. Muster 9.0.2 also introduces our new logo! See you on the next post!




Muster 9.0.1 released – 8th March 2018

We just released version 9.0.1 with support to the Raspberry PI 3 platform!

Muster is the unique render farm and distributed processing system supporting the Raspberry PI 3 platform. We are proud to announce that the support is finally official and included in version 9.0.1. We have made also some minor enhancements to the Image viewer that you may like!



Muster 9 released – 20th February 2018

We are proud to announce that we just released the latest update of Muster. Muster 9 has been completely redesigned and optimized with the inclusion of long waited features requested by users during the life cycle of Muster 8. Muster 9 is the best release of Muster ever!


  • Gorgeous images and sequences viewer totally integrated with your jobs
  • Images thumbnails in the chunks view
  • Ground breaking errors and warnings reports
  • A brand new web interface written with responsiveness in mind
  • Dual stack IPV4/IPV6 support
  • Introducing backup jobs
  • Multi version engines
  • Multiple frames image slicing jobs
  • Multiframe jobs supporting frame ranges
  • Emergency mode top level jobs queue
  • Redesigned email delivery and building though Python customization
  • Redesigned users, groups and notifications
  • Chunks parallel or specific dependancies
  • Multitask templates

Stay tuned for more!