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 ====== Release Notes ====== ====== Release Notes ======
 +===== =====
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Fixed a performance issue with the Dispatcher when dealing with a large amount of users. Each network operation is validated against the currently logged user. In the previous versions, this was done wrongly using a list look, leading to extremely high latency operations on systems with a large number of users created or imported from LDAP
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Fixed an issue with the Wake up on lan port used to send WOL packets that was random instead of 40000. This worked on most systems but failed on NIC that effectively check the message port instead of the packet header
 +  * [RENDERCLIENT] The Wakeup-on-lan port is now configurable
 +  * [GLOBAL] Either Dispatcher and Renderclient now starts correctly in Linux when IPV6 is disabled
 +  * [CONSOLE] It is possible to disable the prompt to close Console allowing automatic shutdown with Console open
 +  * [CONSOLE] It is now possible to set chunks as completed by erasing the warnings and/or the errors already collected
 +  * [CONSOLE] It is now possible to clear a chunk dependencies from the chunks view
 +  * [CONSOLE] It is now possible from the job popup menu to automatically requeue chunks in warning/​error status
 ===== ===== ===== =====