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 ====== Release Notes ====== ====== Release Notes ======
 +===== =====
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Fixed an issue with the web and REST APIs login where the rights of the TCP login of the users where checked instead of the web login rights
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Fixed a rare race condition that happens when streaming the chunks thought the web server and/or the REST apis that may lock the Dispatcher
 +  * [CONSOLE] Fixed a crash in Console when building thumbnails of OpenEXR files with channels dimensions smaller than the image dimension (cropped channels)
 +  * [DISPATCHER] A new method in the license check on the Template object allows to check for license usage on a node basis in multi instances setup (self.setLicensesMode(MTemplateAPI.MTemplate.kTemplateLicenseCountNodes))
 +  * [DISPATCHER] The borrow function now obey to pools settings (only instances in target pools are borrowed)
 +  * [DISPATCHER] A new borrow mask is available in the render client instances overrides. It is possible to specify which instance number to borrow on an instance basis
 +  * [HOUDINI] The Houdini PDG connector gains an environment field to submit jobs with a custom environment
 ===== 9.0.14 ===== ===== 9.0.14 =====