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 +===== Autodesk 3D Studio Max =====
 +{{ :​muster:​9.0:​images:​app_plugins:​max:​max.png?​ |}}
 +==== Installation ====
 + * Copy the on a folder you like 
 + * Select MAXScript -> Run Script from the main menu, then select the file from the file selector
 + * Alternatively,​ check your 3D Studio Max manual on how to bind a script directly to a toolbar item or a menu item
 +==== Usage ====
 +{{ :​muster:​9.0:​images:​app_plugins:​max:​max_details.png?​ |}}
 +The Submit to Muster plugin for 3D Studio Max allows you to send a job directly from the Max interface.
 +The following options groups are available:
 +  * **Dispatcher details**:
 +    * **Muster installation path**: The path to the installation folder of Muster 9
 +    * **Dispatcher address**: The IP address or host name of the Dispatcher service
 +    * **Dispatcher port**: The network port for Dispatcher management connections
 +    * **Login**: Your dispatcher account login
 +    * **Password**:​ Your dispatcher account password
 +    * **Use templates cache**: Upon submission, use cached files instead of downloading and synchronising them with the Dispatcher. If you're sure your templates are up-to-date, the submission will be faster
 +    * **Fetch pools**: Manually fetches pools from the Dispatcher to have them available in the pools fields
 +  * **Job'​s details**:
 +    * **Job name**: The name of the job
 +    * **Job content directory**:​ Specified the Max content directory for your current project
 +    * **Job department**:​ Specifies the department custom string
 +    * **Job project**: Specifies the project custom string
 +    * **Continue on error**: Continues the render even if errors and generated
 +    * **File shadow copy**: Copies the .max file on each render node locally for faster renderings
 +  * **Job'​s animation and still frame**:
 +    * **Start frame**: Your animation start frame
 +    * **End frame**: Your animation end frame
 +    * **By frame**: Your animation by frame
 +    * **Packet size**: The size of the Muster chunks generated
 +    * **Width**: The image width of the image slicing render
 +    * **Height**: The image height of the image slicing render
 +    * **Ratio**: The image ratio of the image slicing render
 +    * **AS Overlap**: Antialiasing overlap for the image slicing render
 +    * **Image slicing output folder**: The output folder for slices and final image file for image slicing renders
 +    * **Slices and image output format**: The file format for the rendering of image slices and the final assembled image
 +  * **Job'​s options**:
 +    * **Max template version**: Specifies a template version for multi frame renders
 +    * **Max slicing template version**: Specifies a template version for image slicing renders
 +    * **Pools**: Job's target pool(s)
 +    * **Excluded Pools**: Job's excluded pool(s)
 +    * **Priority**:​ The job priority
 +    * **Parent ID**: The ID of the job parent folder
 +    * **Depend from**: Depends from specified IDs
 +    * **Maximum instances**:​ Maximum number of instances to use for the job
 +    * **Max template ID**: The ID of the Max template
 +    * **Max slicing template ID**: The ID of the Max image slicing template
 +    * **Submit paused**: Submits the job in paused status
 +  * **Log and buttons**:
 +    * **Submission log view**: Displays the output from mrtool submission
 +    * **Close dialog after submission**:​ If checked, the dialog is closed after the submission
 +    * **Clear**: Clears the submission output text view
 +    * **Defaults**:​ Resets values to defaults
 +    * **Render Dlg**: Opens the Max render dialog
 +    * **Console**:​ Opens Muster Console
 +    * **Submit**: Submit the job as a multi frame job
 +    * **Image**: Submit the job as an image slicing job
 +You can simply fill in the fields and click the **Submit** or **Image* buttons to have a job sent to the Dispatcher.
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