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 +===== Adobe After effects =====
 +{{ :​muster:​9.0:​images:​app_plugins:​afx:​after_effects.png?​ |}}
 +==== Installation ====
 +  * Enable “Allow script to access files” on After effects preferences
 +  * Select Run script from After Effects, then select the SubmitToMuster.jsx file.
 +==== Usage ====
 +{{ :​muster:​9.0:​images:​app_plugins:​afx:​after_effects_detail.png?​ |}}
 +The Submit to Muster plugin for Adobe After Effects allows you to send a job directly from the Adobe After Effects interface. Just fill in the fields in the Dispatcher section and they will be saved for the next session.
 +This is a resume for each option:
 +* **Muster path**: The root path of the Muster installation on your local workstation
 +* **Muster version**: The Muster version you're using
 +* **Dispatcher address**: The IP address or host name of your Dispatcher service
 +* **Username**:​ Your Dispatcher account login name
 +* **Password**:​ Your Dispatcher login password
 +* **AFX template ID**: Your After Effects template ID. Unless you're using a custom template , you should leave the default value (17)
 +* **Skip templates sync**: If your templates did not change since your last Mrtool run, you can enable this checkbox and have a faster submission by skipping the templates synchronization
 +* **Refetch pools**: By clicking this button, pools are fetched from the Dispatcher and can select them later using the buttons near the pools fields
 +* **Job name**: The job name inside the Muster queue
 +* **Department**:​ The job department
 +* **Project**:​ The job project
 +* **Start and end frames**: The frames to render
 +* **Packet size**: The job's packet size
 +* **Engine version**: If you're running a multi version template, you can put the desired engine version in this field
 +* **Destination pools**: The job's destination pools
 +* **Excluded pools**: The job's excluded pools
 +* **Priority**:​ The job's priority inside the Muster queue
 +* **Parent ID**: If you want to submit inside a folder, you can put the folder ID in this field
 +* **Depends IDs**: If you want your job to depend from the completion of other jobs, you can put a comma separated list of jobs IDs in this field
 +* **Maximum instances**:​ The maximum concurrent allocable instances for this job
 +* **Submit paused**: Submits the job in paused status
 +Click the **Submit** button to have the job sent to the Dispatcher.
 +The **Reset** button resets the fields to their default values.
 +The **Save defaults** button saves the current values as default ones.
 +The **Close** button just close the dialog
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