• Enable “Allow script to access files” on After effects preferences
  • Select Run script from After Effects, then select the SubmitToMuster.jsx file.

The Submit to Muster plugin for Adobe After Effects allows you to send a job directly from the Adobe After Effects interface. Just fill in the fields in the Dispatcher section and they will be saved for the next session.

This is a resume for each option:

* Muster path: The root path of the Muster installation on your local workstation
* Muster version: The Muster version you're using
* Dispatcher address: The IP address or host name of your Dispatcher service
* Username: Your Dispatcher account login name
* Password: Your Dispatcher login password
* AFX template ID: Your After Effects template ID. Unless you're using a custom template , you should leave the default value (17)
* Skip templates sync: If your templates did not change since your last Mrtool run, you can enable this checkbox and have a faster submission by skipping the templates synchronization
* Refetch pools: By clicking this button, pools are fetched from the Dispatcher and can select them later using the buttons near the pools fields
* Job name: The job name inside the Muster queue
* Department: The job department
* Project: The job project
* Start and end frames: The frames to render
* Packet size: The job's packet size
* Engine version: If you're running a multi version template, you can put the desired engine version in this field
* Destination pools: The job's destination pools
* Excluded pools: The job's excluded pools
* Priority: The job's priority inside the Muster queue
* Parent ID: If you want to submit inside a folder, you can put the folder ID in this field
* Depends IDs: If you want your job to depend from the completion of other jobs, you can put a comma separated list of jobs IDs in this field
* Maximum instances: The maximum concurrent allocable instances for this job
* Submit paused: Submits the job in paused status

Click the Submit button to have the job sent to the Dispatcher.
The Reset button resets the fields to their default values.
The Save defaults button saves the current values as default ones.
The Close button just close the dialog

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