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Muster Notificator is a small application that listens to Dispatcher service and pops up reporting several different events. It can even open an image viewer to display single frame renderings once they are available. Muster Notificator runs in the taskbar or in the upper bar of the Finder on Mac OS X.

By right-clicking the Notificator icon in the task bar, you can access a pop-up menu that lets you configure the Notificator , acknowledge pending event, flag it as silent (no balloons popup) or close it.

The next picture shows the window that appears when clicking the configure menu item:

This is an explanation of each parameter:

  • Dispatcher Server: This is the IP address or name of the Dispatcher service.
  • Port: This is the port where the Dispatcher listens for notifications connections.
  • Protocol mode: You can configure the Notificator to directly connect to the Dispatcher service or listen for broadcast messages on a UDP port. If you are going to connect an high number of Notificator clients, using UDP broadcast will reduce your network usage for messages delivery. Keep in mind however that, UDP broadcast cannot know where the message is delivered, so the substitution path system won’t work in UDP mode.
  • Authentication user: To perform custom substitution paths, an authentication user name in needed
  • User filter: If you want to discriminate messages on a user basis, you’ll need to put your own username in this field.
  • Enable jobs notifications: Tells the notificator to report jobs notifications
  • Enable warnings notifications: Tells the notificator to report general warning notifications
  • Enable info notifications: Tells the notificator to report informative notifications
  • Show bubble: Shows a bubble in the system tray (where supported) when a new notification is available
  • Automatic acknowledge notifications when raising the application: Tells the notificator to automatically flag notifications has acknowledged when you raise the application
  • Image viewer application: Defines an image viewer to view rendered frames
  • Launch image viewer automatically: Tells the notificator to automatically launch the image viewer when a new single frame has been assembled by the Dispatcher
  • Play sound on job completation: Plays a sound when a job is completed
  • Play sound on warning: Plays a sound when a warning event is available
  • Play sound on info: Plays a sound when an informative event is available
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