Integrated web service

Muster integrates a fully featured internal Web server. You can navigate to the web server interface by opening your browser and then following the links:

  • http://localhost:9790 (for unsecure connections)
  • https://localhost:9791 (for secure connections)

where localhost can be changed with the IP address or the host name of your Dispatcher service.

After login using your account data, you’ll get a similar screen:

The web interface works in a similar fashion to Muster Console. Just right click on the folders/jobs or the hosts to access a popup menu and change job values.

HTTP communications are stateless. This means that you won’t get any kind of real time visual feedback like the ones you get using Muster Console. Even some panes are automatically refreshed when managing the jobs, the host queue may require some time to acknowledge the response from the Dispatcher and the host itself. This means you may need to wait some time before the view is automatically refreshed or manually refresh it to reflect the changes.

Through the web server, you can even submit or modify jobs with a submission dialog similar to the Console one:

Using the web server, you can even query the Dispatcher internal history by inspecting the chunks of the jobs rendered in a specific time range:


The web interface of Muster 8 is fully compatible with touch based tablets like the iPad making it the best tool for onsite monitoring.

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