Switch to QT 5.X and more – features coming soon

Switch to QT 5.X and more – features coming soon

Switch to QT 5.X and more – features coming soon

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Greetings to all,

This is our updating post about what’s coming soon in Muster 9.

We just published the official 9.0.5 release with the new realtime statistics views for either the render nodes and the Dispatcher. We also fixed some minor bugs as well as a major bug on the Windows platform. Due to the nature of this major bug, we also released 8.6.20 that applies the patch to the version 8 branch.

At the moment, we are doing a complete porting of the code base to QT 5. With Pyside2 enough mature, it’s time to make the switch. We will also update the internal Python distribution to 3.5 that’s the Pyside2 and QT5.10 supported version. The new version will switch to 9.1 release tag.

We’ll also include a builtin Python interpreter with the distribution with the SDK already available after the installation. This will let you launch Muster SDK based scripts without configuring your system and immediately after the setup.

Stay tuned!

I'm Leonardo Bernardini, CTO and CEO of Virtual Vertex s.r.l. I take care of the main development of Muster as well as commercial contacts for Virtual Vertex. I'm appassionate of cross platform developing in a multitude of languages, as well as technology in general. I can define myself an huge nerd!


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