New reports and switch to QT 5.X – features coming soon

New reports and switch to QT 5.X – features coming soon

New reports and switch to QT 5.X – features coming soon

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Greetings to all,

This is our updating post about what’s coming soon in Muster 9.

We just published the official 9.0.3 release with builtin support for the MongoDB database. We also enhanced the databases support by providing an import/export function that works either in the database native format as well as in JSON format. This allows switching between databases endpoints easily. You can also export the users, pools, and repositories settings as well.

At the moment, we are doing a complete review of our reporting system for version 9.0.4 (version 9.0.4 has been released after this article as a bug fix, improvements listed here will be released in 9.0.5). This includes our history charts as well as including an in-deep analysis of the render chunks by providing CPUs and RAM usage during the chunks calculations as well as the nodes effective network bandwidth used, either by the render processes and globally.

We’ll also change how the history chunks are queried to provide a more useful resume over singolar jobs, or specific users render farm usage. Those kind of reports will be very important for users that wants to rent their render farm and calculate the effective resources usages directly inside Muster.

While we work on 9.0.3, we are starting the complete migration of the code base to QT 5.10 as well as Pyside2. This change is planned for version 9.1.0 and will break compatibility with your custom Pyside script due to the namespace differences between the major releases. Guides on how to easily adapt your existing scripts are available widely on the web, we’ll by the way provide further information once the release is officially done.

The release branch of 9.1 will include also some major features we’ll announce in the next months, including the long awaited mobile notifications system.

Stay tuned!

I'm Leonardo Bernardini, CTO and CEO of Virtual Vertex s.r.l. I take care of the main development of Muster as well as commercial contacts for Virtual Vertex. I'm appassionate of cross platform developing in a multitude of languages, as well as technology in general. I can define myself an huge nerd!


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