MongoDB support and more – features coming soon

MongoDB support and more – features coming soon

MongoDB support and more…. Features coming soon

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Greetings to all,

This is our updating post about what’s coming soon in Muster 9.

We just published the official 9.0.1 release with builtin support for the Raspberry PI 3 platform and polished some things inside the internal code.

At the moment, we have also some minor non critical bugs that needs to be addressed in the next release. Apart from that, we are introducing support for the MongoDB database in addition to the regular sqlite, mysql and sql server support. Moving to MongoDB is part of a bigger change that will be introduced in the future to support redundant and fail over Dispatcher services.

We are also evaluating the effort of joining the Dispatcher service and the Renderclient under an unique service where any Renderclient may became a Dispatcher service if required (with configurable exclusions and priority levels to pickup the best machines to act as a backup) and keep up your render farm in case of a disaster or a general failure on the Dispatcher side. By making Muster entirely scalable, a requirements for a next generation database arise, that’s why we are introducing MongoDB support that will be the suggested solution to implement such kind of failover setup, even the system will still be supported using Mysql and Sql Server. (No sqlite sorry, it has no sense to keep a local file based DB replicated on every host)

Also , the SQL databases will receive an auto updating feature, where you will no longer need to rebuild your queue in case we change the database schema, this will be total transparent to the end user and it’s the core of our automatic updating feature we are working on, so you’ll no longer need to manually update hundreds nodes manually or fall back to an external solution.

Stay tuned!

I'm Leonardo Bernardini, CTO and CEO of Virtual Vertex s.r.l. I take care of the main development of Muster as well as commercial contacts for Virtual Vertex. I'm appassionate of cross platform developing in a multitude of languages, as well as technology in general. I can define myself an huge nerd!


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