Current progress and more – features coming soon for 9.0.12

Current progress and more – features coming soon for 9.0.12

Our current progresses and what to expect soon after 9.0.12

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Greetings to all,

This is our updating post about what’s coming soon in Muster 9.

While our previous post on this blog anticipated the porting of Muster to QT5, this has been delayed a little. We had to fix some bugs still available in Muster 9.0.X but more important, we run a survey across our customers base to understand what they would like to expect into Muster in the next months.

The top voted answer was to support render engines still not supported into Muster and also provide integrated connectors for them. For this reason, we delayed version 9.1 that will be switched to version 9.5 for the amount of inner changes (including Qt5 and Pyside2) and pushed into developing a complete review or the current connectors and supported render engines. Our effort already started with version 9.0.10, 9.0.11 and 9.0.12.

So apart from that, what’s next ? Well, the survey confirmed us what we already thought. It’s time to provide a redundancy and fail safe facility inside Muster Dispatcher for huge farms (even we can handle well up to 2000 nodes at the moment, but it’s time to make the dispatcher a scalable micro service), put inside some features to handle renderings on the cloud directly (AWS, Azure and Google Data), and off course switch the entire code base to Qt 5.

So in the next months, we’ll work on 9.5 to provide a complete new underlaying platform based on the VFX reference platform 2019/2020 platform, create new installers for our 4 platforms that will behave in the same way across different OS, provide an automatic update/downgrade feature handling the process through Console and start working on the stuff we talked before.

Stay tuned!


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