Current progress and more – features coming soon for 9.0.14

Current progress and more – features coming soon for 9.0.14

Our current progresses and what to expect soon for 9.0.14

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Greetings to all,

This is our updating post about what’s coming soon in Muster 9.

We just released Muster 9.0.13 that introduces support for SideFX PDG breaking technology. You can now cook on the fly your PDG nodes on your renderfarm while working interactively inside Houdini.
We also introduced a bunch of new engines support as well as a big amount of improvements and bug fixes.

9.0.14 will be the last release (unless important bugs are found) for the 9.0 family. We planned to introduce some missing integrated connectors (Houdini ROP) as well as reviewing the alarms system (that will be managed by the Renderclients and scriptable).
We are also going to introduce reserv templates, a particular type of plugins that will let you to lock your renderclient with a different application. The main usage will be to enable cooperation between Muster and native render farm managers like VRay Swarm, VRED Cluster, CoronaDR and more. The reservation technology will also let you lock instances while working in multi-instances mode in tandem with the engines GPU usage and CPU usage. In example, on a dual GPU system configured to use 2 instances, each one configured to use 1 GPU, you’ll be able to send a job that occupies 2 GPUs and lock an additional instance that’s configured to acquire 1 GPU. This will give you the freedom to send heavy jobs to the entire machine.

After version 9.0.14, we’ll switch Muster to version 9.5 including Cloud services, rental licensing, automatic licensing activation, mobile notification and a complete switch to QT 5.12 LTS and Python 3.6.

Stay tuned!


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