Current progress and more – 9.5 status

Current progress and more – 9.5 status

Our current progresses and what to expect soon for 9.5

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Greetings to all,

This is our updating post about what’s coming soon in Muster.

We are continuing to support 9.0.14 LTS with some minor bug fixes while we push to release version 9.5 before Christmas. As most of you may have noticed, we did a promotion on our maintenances to extend them by 2 months for free. This not only show our will to support our customers during this hard period, but is also a must due to the delay of Muster 9.5 that was planned for the summer.

Even we were able to work during the lock down and the pandemic in general, we had a slow down in operations. Luckily we are all safe and now the works have resumed to 100% capabilities.

Stay tuned!

I'm Leonardo Bernardini, CTO and CEO of Virtual Vertex s.r.l. I take care of the main development of Muster as well as commercial contacts for Virtual Vertex. I'm appassionate of cross platform developing in a multitude of languages, as well as technology in general. I can define myself an huge nerd!


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