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-====== Release ​Notes ======+====== Release ​notes ===== 
 +===== ===== 
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Fixed a serious bug introduced by 11569 causing an SQL error when tried to add a new user. Users running 11569 must update to 11581 immediately 
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Fixed an LDAP/AD issue on Windows with usernames/​groups with non-latin characters 
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Fixed an LDAP/AD issue not handling well UTF-8 strings under certain circumstances 
 +  * [DISPATCHER] Selection logic is not triggered also when a job attribute is changed. This address some issues when using APIs to control dependancies 
 +  * [GLOBAL] Support for Clarisse CNode Caching included in the CNode template 
 +===== ===== 
 +  * [GENERAL] Due to slowness caused by Covid, we are pushing some minor enhancements planned for Muster 9.5 into 9.0.14 LTS 
 +  * [GLOBAL] Chunks priorities can now be manually changed from Console or using the APIs. This let you put a specific chunk on the top of the queue if required 
 +  * [GLOBAL] Users and groups drive mappings for Windows. This let you specify a different configuration for Windows drive mappings on a group/user basis 
 +  * [CONSOLE] It's now possible to purge orphan jobs from the instances popup menu. Previously if was not possible to remove a deleted jobs from the exclusion list of an instance leaving the warning until a restart 
 +  * [CONSOLE] It's now possible to purge a job from the jobs popup menu, affecting all the instances with the job in the exclusion list 
 +  * [DISPATCHER] A new option on the Dispatcher configuration let you automatically purge nodes when a job is reinit
 ===== ===== ===== =====
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